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Everything outside is dead. Your job site includes a gray cube with gray walls. Even the snow you loved so much in December has started disrupting plans and making you angry. Is it Spring yet?

If you’re feeling wiped out, drained and just plain tired, you are not alone. For some, this even manifests itself as an inability to connect with the family and loved ones around you.

Many physicians report a higher incidence of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) with their patients at this time of year. A lack of vitamin D, typically derived from sunlight, causes lethargy and weakens the immune system, increasing our susceptibility to colds and flu and even cancers. You can improve this by just getting 15 minutes of sunshine on your skin a day; or by taking a vitamin D supplement.

You do not have to feel this way! Let’s turn it around. Here are four ways you can eliminate those winter blues:

The power of positive thinking

Start saying, multiple times a day – “I am grateful and thankful that _______;  I am grateful and thankful that ________.”

Examples might include comments to yourself like, “I have an nice place to live, my parents are healthy, I can pay the bills this month, Spring is coming in a month, I have a wonderful spouse and children.”

By reiterating positive mantras, it raises your energy vibration to Love or Above which on a scale of 1-1000 is around 500+. It draws positive rather than negative energy towards you. Gratitude works wonders in making you feel happier, more blessed and draws positive events to your improved energy field.

Take responsibility for your own happiness

Take time to find ways to love yourself more and take responsibility for your own happiness – don’t wait for the outside world or others to provide it for you – it is within you.

Go get a pedicure. Make yourself your favorite dinner. Spend an hour focusing on your happiness, what it means to you, and all the wonderful things you have in your life, right now, to be happy about. After all, happier people don’t necessarily have a better life than you, they just have a better way of looking at life.

Spring into action – no matter what

Find ways to motivate yourself to spring into action. Take a new class at the community college. Start planning for your summer vacation. Join us in a qigong class to rebalance your mind, body and spirit through movement.

Focus on joyful living

Do what brings you joy – take time to just be still, quiet and do nothing. That’s right, nothing. Decompress and focus on your breath being mindful of the present.

When you stop your whole life for a minute, you gain a deeper understanding of what’s around you. This doesn’t have to take all day. Simply give yourself a 15 minute break once in a while to be fully present.

Use Meditation & Visualization for Weight Loss!

Use Meditation & Visualization for Weight Loss!

Can’t kick the blues? Join Debi Dunn, MBA for some insight to your soul.

Don’t forget to take a look at the amazing events we have coming up. Join us in an Empower Me Up full day retreat on March 29, or plan on attending the chamber event, Leadership Style, we have coming up on April 9. See you there!


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